Newest Twice!

Newest Twice!

The Adelaide Convention Centre will commemorate its 30th year in business with a fresh new look,  launching its new East Building, the final stage of its $400 million redevelopment, in August 2017. By no coincidence, the East Building occupies the same footprint as the Centre’s original Plenary Building, which was opened on 13 June, 1987 by the Hon. John Bannon, Premier of South Australia. Finishing touches are currently being applied to the new East Building ahead of its official opening. For conference organisers, the newly expanded Centre will not only be able to host much larger events across its seamlessly integrated three buildings, but also accommodate a number of smaller conferences and events simultaneously. It is expected business resulting from the expansion will inject an additional $1.92 billion into the state’s economy over the next 25 years. The East Building’s intense focus on innovation and flexibility make it a perfect showcase of how far the Centre has come over the past three decades. Defining features of the new building include the world’s largest rotating seating drums—two 18-metre, precision-built revolving auditoriums, with seating for 320 people each—which can rotate 180 degrees in minutes to help quickly reconfigure conference and event space. The East Building also features a new auditorium with hinged seating stored in the roof, which can be easily lowered to convert the area from exhibition space to theatre-style.

Additional highlights include the architecturally innovative Skyway (elevated walkway) which seamlessly connects the Centre’s three distinct buildings, along with a new café court Home Ground, which is slated to open in November. The café court will incorporate five unique food and beverage vendors and become a showcase for a range of quintessentially South Australian food and wine experiences.

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