Cellar Door Fest

Cellar Door Fest

This fantastic annual event just gets better and better every year. It is Adelaide's premier  Food, Wine, Beer and Spirits event.  Cellar Door Fest brings 180 producers from 17 different regions to our wonderful city for us to enjoy and experience.

There is so much to choose from. Craft beers, some of the finest hand made cheeses you will taste to of course an incredible array of wines both old and loved and new vintages.

Our favourite is of course the ever popular tipple gin. Yes it is the hottest drink at the moment and we are so lucky to have so many boutique gin distilleries here on our doorstep for us to taste.

The cost of the event is from $25.00 per person and includes a bag, a great quality tasting glass and lots of other vouchers and goodies.

Don't forget there are lots of masterclasses and other specialty ticketed events you can attend as part of the whole event.

Check out their website for more details here.

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